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These games represent the best of the best, the cream of the crop--award-winners! There are a number of awards given every year to board games; if you're looking for a certifiably excellent game, look no further!

Golden Geek: "The winners of the Golden Geek are selected by the nomination and voting of the user community of the website".

Spiel des Jahres: Established in 1979, this German Game of the Year award recognizes the best family games of the year.

Kennerspiel des Jahres: A part of the Spiel des Jahres award, this sub-section of the award was established in 2011 to recognize the "connoisseur/expert game of the year". These are games which are meant for a more experienced audience, and are usually a good place to look if you're poking around for a new challenge!

Kinderspiel des Jahres: Another sub-section of the Spiel des Jahres, the Kinderspiel des Jahres recognizes influential and exceptional children's games.

Deutscher Spiele Preis: Started in 1990, this important boardgames award collects votes from the industry's stores, professionals, magazines, and game clubs.

Mensa Select: A annual award given by American Mensa since 1990 to five board games that are "original, challenging and well designed."

As d'Or/Golden Ace: The best board games of the year, as submitted at the Cannes International Game Festival