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About Us

Welcome to Table Top Cafe online!

Brian Flowers opened the first Table Top Cafe in Edmonton, Alberta in October 2013. It was the first board game cafe in Alberta, and quickly gained a devoted following of avid gamers. After two years of escalating success, Brian opened a second location in the city to accommodate the cafe's ever-growing clientele.

Though primarily a board game cafe--a place for people to meet, eat, drink, and game the day away--Table Top Cafe also operates as a retail location so that gaming enthusiasts in Edmonton can continue to add to their own home collections. Carrying everything from Monopoly to Food Chain Magnate to Dungeon & Dragons, Brian's focus has been to ensure that Table Top Cafe can deliver a wide variety of titles at competitive prices, always supported by unparalleled service.

In January 2017, Brian expanded Table Top Cafe’s influence further with an online retail outlet. He wanted to offer his constantly growing, changing, and evolving stock not just to local customers, but to board game enthusiasts and collectors globally! Whether you're just wanting to pick up the latest and greatest from the comfort of your own home, or you're looking for something rare or obscure, Table Top Cafe wants to be your first stop.

Happy gaming!

Table Top Cafe