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About Us

Welcome to Table Top Cafe, your favourite Friendly Local Game Store--now online! 

Table Top Cafe was opened by owner Brian Flowers in Edmonton, Alberta in October 2013. Modeled after establishments like Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, Table Top Cafe was the first board game cafe in Alberta's capital, and quickly gained a devoted following in their hometown. After two years of escalating success, Brian opened a second location in the city to accommodate the cafe's ever growing clientele. 

Though primarily a board game cafe--a place for people to come in, have a bite to eat, something to drink, and game the day away--Table Top Cafe also operates as a retail location so that gaming enthusiasts in Edmonton can continue to add to their own home collections. Carrying everything from Monopoly to Food Chain Magnate, Brian's focus has been on making sure that Table Top Cafe can deliver wide variety and competitive prices. 

In January of 2017 the decision was made to expand Table Top Cafe once again--this time online. We wanted to offer our constantly growing, changing, and evolving stock not just to our local customers, but to board game hobbyists Canada-wide--and soon, the world! Whether you're just wanting to pick up the latest and greatest from the comfort of your own home, or you're looking for something rare or obscure, allow Table Top Cafe to be your first stop. 

Happy gaming!

Table Top Cafe